The scraps of our work.


Cutting several products at once reduces waste.

These are some of the leather pieces that we regard as waste at the moment. The bigger the batch, the less waste it generates per product. 

Until some months ago we collected all the waste that we ever made over the years and thought that it would be great to make bonded leather and use the material again. Since we did not produce as much waste as we thought, only a bit over 1m3 over the years, we decided not to go forward with it. Just storing this amout of waste in our small studio started to feel unreasonable and also our views on bonded leather have changed - we do not regard this as a sustainable material since it's a mix which will be more difficult to recycle later.

A tower of leather car remote key cases, work in progress.

Our studio is still in the working mode. This week's focus was on a custom product that we developed for a client - a vegetable tanned leather case for car remote key with a carabin hook.

Leather car remote key case in front with embossed buttons.