This is where we started

January 2013, bought my first industrial sewing machine from Rakvere.

January 2013. My first industrial sewing machine, for which I had to start looking for a studio space because my apartment at that time was very small. We found a small 20m2 space at Ajataju reastauration workshop (Telliskivi 57, Tallinn), and built walls around it.

Skiving machine and sewing machine in our first shared studio.

Back then working at school after hours was not possible so we needed a space and access to machines to advance our skills. Since I was a student back then with no money, I proposed some of my course mates at Estonian Academy of Arts that we could use the space as a shared studio, divide the costs by four and I would give the machines to free use. For that we founded a non-profit organisation (MTÜ Avatud Töökoda). 

Mari working on Slim card cases at the studio.

Our first reseller was a design shop Nu Nordik. Maybe the first sales were like a few products per month. Our first products were Slim, Super Slim card cases, One Piece Wallet and braided Leather Bracelet.

A batch of Mokoko products for Nu Nordik design shop in 2013.

When I get old and succeed doing my own thing, this will be my favorite blog post. If not. At least I died trying and can't complain having a boring life. :)

Where it all started, just like Apple, Google, Amazon, Harley, Disney, Mattel - in a garage. In Estonia garages are not that popular places to start a business, because first you need to have a house with a garage to start a business in a garage.