One way how art and design can save the world.

Selection of Sealoman Prints by Olivia Nõgisto are now avaliable in our store at Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Her work is layered with work humor and hints of worries about aquatic life perserverance. And this actually one way how art can save the world, planting the seed of knowledge in our brains. 

This creates a will to do things better, in a right way for the environment. Together with climate warming are big issues with microplastics from single use plastics to sportswear and clothes made or that consist synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, elastane. 

Gruppyfriend pesukott on saadaval Telliskivis.

Just ditching all the clothes that you have made of synthetics and buy everything natural is not reasonable either, it would be wiser to use everything you have until the end of it's life and next time consume wiser. Until then, it would be helpful to use a filtering washing bag that helps to catch some of the synthetic fibers.

The sad thing about it is that synthetic materials have some great properties like being compact, lightweight - like a shopping bag in your pocket. To balance the practicality and environment we have decided to include Guppyfriend washing bags in our product selection in case you need to do some machine washing that includes our daily shopping bags or washable paper items. We use polyester thread on our paperbag series because it is more durable than the cotton and linen threads we have tested so far.

One day we might have washing machines that have adequate filtering system built in them.