Introducing our new Compact Wallet!

The idea of this type of a wallet was on my to do list for some time. I am not a big fan of zippers because the sourcing in small quantities is a pain for a studio producer, also I perfer to know that I can order the same component over and over again in the future. So this is the only reason why I chose to do the coin slot with snap fastener, but I personally think that it would do without as well, because the coin pouch flap will close as the wallet is closed. But I am not doing it for myself. 

Every piece of this card and coin wallet is made out of vegetable tanned leather. The coin slot is also big enough to store less used cards and behind the coin pouch is a slot suitable for folded cash. This wallet suits well for people who do not use cash and coins much, but like to know that they have a place for them if neccessary. 

This wallet could be made again in every color, but I always start testing the model in black leather. Also some pieces can be in another colour, like the flap of the coin pouch or the card slots. So the sky is the limit. 

The logo is placed on one of the card slots, so it stays hidden when the wallet is in use and gives better personalization possibilities, where the makers logo does not dictate where to put the initials. 

If this is what you are looking for you can find our current selection of Compact Wallets here.