Featured on Telliskivi Creative City website.

Mari Maripuu featured in Telliskivi Creative City website.

Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn, Estonia is a destination for you, if you are interested in local products and design, good food and Fotografiska Tallinn! Every store is now featured with a personalized story and here's a piece of us:

Mokoko means “rooster” in the Sesotho language. But this was not known to Mari until years after naming the company, while she was looking around on google. The meaning of the name doesn’t actually have any significance. Although Mokoko is a beautiful name and the products are even prettier, Mari doesn’t even care about promoting her brand and making people crave for her leather accessories. “I really don’t want to attract people to consume by using beautiful pictures and to feed the idea that a bad day could be improved by buying something. No! Everybody has too much stuff and no one really shouldn’t produce anything more into the world at all,” Mari says earnestly.

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