Crocheted bag.

I made a chrocheted summer bag that looks like straw bag. It has two round, bent wood handles and it is made out of paper yarn, so it's fully biodegradeable.

During the time of "stay home", I made a crocheted bag to keep me busy and use it to display a new product idea. Anyway, it also made me think about the value of work and handmade items. Making this handbag took more time than any leather bag I have ever made. But the cost of materials was almost nothing, compared to the material cost of a leather bag. In this case I kind of get why this type of bags are made in countries with low labor costs. 

Crocheted paper yarn bag prototype.

Since the technique is very simple it is a great DIY project, because working on someting and finishing it gives the joy of completing which creates motivation to act. And as a bonus - other things to think about. The great thing about this bag is that it is made of paper yarn and it can be easily turned back into two handles and a ball of yarn. And it decomposes, so the random desire to make is not that bad for the environment.