Happy new 2016!

On my way to ARS.

Doing a bit of bookbinding for a client. Actually bookbinding was the reason why I decided to study Leather Art, Accessories Design and Bookbinding in Estonian Academy of Arts. It's just that there is no market for this type of skill if I would like to do it full time. And if you do not continuously practice, you get rusty.

Bookbinding corner.

Since I have only basic equipment: self-made wooden bookbinding press and a table top stove to heat the vintage type set in type holder. Most things are still doable. When I get old, I will become a bookbinder. And until then I have time to collect the necessary equipment and refine my skills.

Heating the hand held type holder for pressing a title on a binding.

The Internet has arrived, since we didn't need it that much before. We just went to Amps for the lunch :).

We have internet in our shared studio!