Bits and pieces of the days I worked on something

Mokoko products from 2016.

Made some Minimal Wallets in Gray, black notebooks for sketching. There's also my Natural Dotted Card Case that has been in use for a while.

Double Slim Card Case in blue painted version.

Painted some Blue leather to make Double Slim Card cases. I think that this type of painting could suit well for personalized corporate gifts for teams. Every product is the same, but different. Just like people.

Bucket bag prototype with a random-shape-bottom. This is not particulary practical idea, but I kind of like wierd bags very much. One bag and many different bottoms... but probably a round bottom will do for now.

Card case out of washable paper.

Super Slim Card Case in vegan non woven material based on cellulose fiber and it is washable! It is slimmer than our leather version but I am not sure if the customers are ready for this type of material, since the colors are very limited, dark gray, brown and white and it probably doesn't age as nice as natural leather.

So if you read this in the future, tell me that it's time to make that kind of stuff.

Estonian Television came to interview us for OP.

It's Open Studios Day in ARS and OP came to interview our intentions with the open workshop. We also did a little smartphone holder workshop. All this public speaking and stuff. Not my thing :D.

A possible Mokoko Store and Showroom space.Thinking about opening a showroom/store in ARS to display our products. And taking up another painting job. 

Since I have two part time assistants now, who help me to make the products. I need to start thinking more about the work environment and maybe our own studio space...

EDIT. We painted the showroom but ended up not opening the showroom there, because another suitable space bacame avaliable in ARS for our own studio. We are moving and painting walls white again!