April update.

 Our Telliskivi Store is closed temporarily.

Our team of four has adapted with the state of an emergency declared by the Estonian government and since our online store is still open, we have arranged our work so that we ship orders twice a week. So the schedules are Monday + Tuesday and Tursday + Friday to check and answer e-mails remotely and send out web orders and water the plants. The idea is to divide the need to go out but also maintain some kind of weekly routine and have something else to think about. There is also an option to stay home and use the paid vocation days avaliable, until our Telliskivi Store is opened again.

There is a bit of production at the studio to stock up products that are nearly sold out and a corporate order to complete. We are very thankful for our customers in Estonia and all over the world for choosing our product and providing our livelyhood. It makes us feel positive about continuing, because we think that our product has a good value as practical and locally made product combined with sustainable business and design in the background of how we do things.