From no windows to many windows!

Our open studio space that needed some painting before we move in.

In spring 2015 we moved to ARS, in a big room with windows, because our pervious space got very packed. Our move started with construction work, painting the ceiling (dark blue before!) and walls white. 

My little work corner.

We also started to rent out the space by day for other makers who did not have access to machinery, to help a bit with the rent. Over time we understood that it is too much of a niche service and actually had not enough time nor capital to dedicate for it since we had our own personal projects.

Our shared workshop.

Other than that, the concept of an open workshop is still reasonable, because the access to machinery tends to be important in this work and most of the time, machines are just waiting to be used. It would work great in an educational setting together with courses and a studio assistant.