Welcome to our new studio!

In the process of making Mokoko products.

We have moved in to our own studio space! Some machinery that we do not need daily, has stayed in the open workshop. We needed to make the leap because there was an avaliable space and there is now three people working in Mokoko, so all the work environment thing is now more important than when I was working on my own.

Our new studio space in ARS and our sewing machines.

Mari is hand painting leather - natural painted.One of our most popular color after black is Natural Painted which makes every product unique because of painting the pattern by hand. The painting of the leathers started because there was no possibility for us to buy colored vegetable tanned leathers and we just started to experiment. At first we bought natural vegetable tanned leathers through a reseller, but sometimes the leathers had so many marks that it just didn't "fit in a mold" of a certain product series. So on the other hand we started to add another type of value to the product by hand painting it.


Since leather is a natural material, the marks will occur. We do avoid them as good as we can in placing the patterns, but it is also our policy, not to waste any material - since producing leather has a big environmental impact it is very important to use it fully, because the products in leather have a potential to last a lifetime or more.




Our labels organizer that Mari made.Mokoko Fold Handbag in brown vegetable tanned leather is almost ready.Our most popular Fold Handbag in gray, red, brown and natural leather.An order of our products completed and to be shipped to a reseller.