how we like to do things


our passion is sustainable living. and this is what we're hoping to achieve one smartly designed accessory at a time.

we make leather goods with focus on clever details and inventive constructions, while producing as little waste as possible during the process. we take great pride in finishing all ends of the seams by hand which adds durability for years to come.

all items are made in our studio, treasuring our employees by providing them flexible working conditions and fair pay. producing everything transparently in-house and passing on the skills of leathercraft has been our core value since the beginning.

fundamental part of sustainability is conscious consumption. so, "buy nothing", "consume less", and "time is our currency" embossed inside some of our wallets are there to make you stop and think, bringing the core of sustainability into our everyday lives. because buying fewer, but durable, quality products is an investment on a much bigger scale.


we use high quality italian vegetable tanned leather that matures while ageing, developing a unique patina over time and with proper care remains resistant even after decades of usage. for guidance visit

the metal components, threads and adhesive we use on some of our products come mainly from italy, linen textile used for lining is made in belarus.

vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition passed down and perfected through centuries. the process contains neither artificial nor toxic substances.

all leathers we use are certified by the genuine italian vegetable-tanned consortium that brings together 22 tanneries operating in tuscany. the certificate guarantees highest quality and transparent production process.


the head and heart behind mokoko is accessories designer mari maripuu. she is assisted by ville, kaisa and heli in crafting all mokoko's products.

mari has graduated from estonian academy of arts in leather art, bookbinding and accessories design ba in 2013 and has continued her studies in product design ma with academic interest in systemic design.

she has furthered her education in sustainable fashion summer school in copenhagen in 2011 and in 2011-2012 as an erasmus student in hamk university of applied sciences in footwear design in finland.